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Found in the heart of Paisley

Paisley’s SP Physiotherapy provide a hands-on approach for quality care and physio to help our patients achieve optimal health. 

Are you a long term sufferer of chronic back pain? Is your neck pain unbearable? Have you suffered from a sports injury?

Paisley SP Physiotherapy offer bespoke treatment that is specially designed to maintain optimal health and reduce pain. It is our goal to help you achieve a pain free life.

Our team of professionally trained physiotherapists will guide your body through diagnosis or treatment. All of our physio treatments are evidence based research and customisable to your unique requirements.

Situated within Greenlaw Dental Care in Paisley, our physio clinic is the ideal location for all means of transport. There is no competition: we are the best physiotherapy Paisley has to offer!

While our physio treatments are designed to help reduce pain and injuries, SP Physiotherapy will aid to prevent future injuries as well. Together we will achieve peak health.

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How I can help you?


Our team of qualified physiotherapists are trained in a variety of treatments. These physio treatments are available for both private medical insurance or self-funding patients.

Specialising in musculoskeletal, SP Physiotherapy will assess and treat your aliments through ongoing treatment. This treatment will aid in pain management, as well as benefit your overall health.

After first contacting SP Physiotherapy, a consultation appointment will be arranged. At this appointment, a physiotherapist will discuss your symptoms and a diagnosis will be made.

From there, our team will either encourage you to find a doctor, or create a bespoke treatment plan. The physiotherapist and patient will agree on this plan together.

Below is a list of the physio treatments we offer. To learn more, click on the desired treatment. If you believe a treatment will help you, do not hesitate to contact us!

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Fully trained in Western Acupuncture”, SP Physiotherapy are AACP registered and qualified to perform acupuncture.

Sports Massage

A sports massage can help reduce tight muscles and has proven to help those suffering with muscle injuries or low back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Not just relaxing – beneficial for health too! This treatment is popular for people suffering with chronic pain such as neck pain or lower back pain.


This form of alternative therapy goes back years with proven results. Cupping helps with pain, blood flow, relaxation, and inflammation.


Electrotherapy treatment uses electric currents to stimulate tissue which provides pain relief, reduction of swelling, muscle spasm and can aid muscle stimulation.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy, also known as manipulation therapy, is a specific physical therapy that uses the hands to manipulate and massage the body to enhance movement, reduce pain, and improve blood circulation.

Home Visits

Home visits are available for patients unable to leave their home due to poor health, medical conditions injury, or poor mobility.


Taping, also known as strapping, is a physiotherapy technique for injury rehabilitation and prevention. This is ideal for shoulder pain, knee pain, heel pain, and more.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy programs are designed to maximise physical capabilities while minimising pain. It is beneficial for those suffering with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and low back pain.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Home visits are available for patients unable to leave their home due to poor health, medical conditions injury, or poor mobility.

Neurological Rehabilitation

For those suffering from a stroke, brain injury, or other neurological disorders, our rehabilitation therapy can hep improve movement and quality of life.

Elderly Rehabilitation

No matter what age you are, it’s important to look after your body! For those who have recently suffered a fall or would like to improve your independence, our rehabilitation courses can support your journey. 

Why SP Physiotherapy?

Experts in our Field

SP Physiotherapy are HCPC registered and members of the national institute: Acupuncture Association of Charter Physiotherapists. Our physiotherapists are trained, qualified, and knowledgeable.

Range of treatments

Our range of treatments are guaranteed to help. These treatments are research based. Every condition is different, and we have the capability of providing for every circumstance.


In addition to helping your flexibility, our schedules are flexible to fit you. We understand our patients lead busy lives so we work around your schedule as best we can.

Patient Care

Quality of care and our patients’ health needs are our highest priorities. We strive to provide the best treatment with great results. There is no doubt we are the best physio Paisley has to offer!


Kerry R

“Excellent physios who helped with a knee injury, would highly recommend.”

Stevie W

“Knowledge, skills and experience… these girls have it all. Highly recommended.”

Our Location

Where is physiotherapy near me in Paisley? Is there a Paisley physiotherapist near me?

Have you been asking these physio themed questions? Time to stop your research!

Our physiotherapy clinics are located in the heart of Paisley City centre. We can be found within Greenlaw Dental Care’s premises (local dental health practice). These premises are situated on Glasgow Road in Paisley. This is just a short journey from Paisley City centre!

There are several ways to reach our physiotherapy clinic. These options include car, train, foot, or bus.

Paisley has multiple areas to park your car. Parking opportunities are not limited to the side of our premises with plenty street parking.

For those preferring the train, we are a 10 minute walk from Paisley Gilmour Street station. From Paisley’s Hawkhead train station, it is around a 20 minute walk to our clinic.

There is a bus stop directly across from our premises. Bus routes to and from Glasgow pass by.

Furthermore, our premises is fitted with an accessible ramp to ensure ease of accessibly for everyone.

Is physiotherapy right for you 

For some people, physiotherapy may seem like an expensive option. Why bother when you can try home remedies for pain relief?

While home remedies are a good idea, nothing beats professional health care and advice. Physiotherapy provides pain relief for a vast range of injuries or conditions. All of our treatments are research based and are proven to help those in pain.

Back Pain

Causes of back pain can happen for many reasons. Anyone can suffer from back pain as there is no single cause of back pain. However, there are some activities with a higher risk of back pain.

These activities can include sports, everyday lifting, and poor posture. However, there are medical reasons for back pain too such as slipped discs, sciatica, ankylosing spondylitis or spondylolisthesis. Due to these conditions back pain may be more common for these patients. Therefore, these back pain causes and diagnosis are important to look out for.

Back pain symptoms can vary in intensity. While some may experience mild pain discomfort, others will feel severe pain.

Back pain symptoms include persistent pain along the spine, base of neck, and the tailbone. This pain to the spinal cord can be a chronic ache or sharp, localised pain. Symptoms of back pain include pain radiating from the spine to other areas such as the thigh or buttock and can also cause pain or problems when standing.

These back pain symptoms can have an extreme toll on your health and life. People with back pain can greatly benefit from physiotherapy. Our treatments can relieve back pain as well as prevent back pain in the spinal column.

Our physiotherapists will create a treatment plan designed for your chronic back pain. Through exercises, treatments, and advice, our care is guaranteed to relieve back pain and prevent back pain from recurring. The last thing we want is for the pain back.

Low Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain lower back pain may also be a problem for you. Just like the causes of back pain above, pain in lower back can be due to a number of reasons too. You can get lower back pain from a sports injury, poor posture, and medical conditions. There are several reasons a patient may experience lower back pain.

Low Back Pain Fact!
Strains and sprains are the most common causes of lower back pains.

The lower back (or lumbar spine) is an important part of the spine. This area is used for a multitude of everyday movements. The muscles in the lower back are incredible important for actions such as bending, twisting, and walking, and are used to support the spinal column.

Most low back pain or lower back injuries are the result of an injury to the muscles, ligaments, joints, nerve, or discs near the spinal cord. No matter if you suffer from severe low back pain or acute low back pain, it is important your lower back pain is treated correctly. After examination and diagnosis, we will provide treatment for your lower back pain.

No matter if it’s back pain or lower back pain, we can help. Our expert team of physiotherapists will design a treatment plan for your chronic low back pain. Through exercises, treatments, and advice, our care is guaranteed to relieve back pain and prevent back pain from recurring. The last thing we want is for you to get the pain back in your spinal column.

Neck Pain

The cause for pain in the neck can happen for a number of reasons. Sitting for long periods creates the risk of developing neck pain. Simply sleeping in an awkward position can be enough to cause pain for days!

However, sometimes it can be more serious. Bad posture, a pinched nerve, spinal issues, or serious injuries can cause neck pain.

No matter your reason, our physiotherapists will create a bespoke treatment plan. This plan could include home exercises, acupuncture, or manual therapy.

The neck is an important part of the body for movement, so it is important to treat pain correctly. There are nerve roots that branch off of the spine that allow the arms to move. If a nerve root is damaged in the neck, it is possible for patients to feel pain running down the spine and into the arms since they are all connected. Healthy spine posture will aid improving neck problems.

Sport Injuries

Injuries caused by sports respond well to physio. The severity of the injury, in addition to the pain history, will determine the kind of treatment.

Common sports injuries include: torn ligaments, strained muscles, tendon injuries, knee pain, back pain and lower back pain. The lumbar spine is particularly susceptible to injury from heavy lifting.   

Our physiotherapist will assess your injury and determine the correct treatment. This treatment could be acupuncture, sports massages, or simple home exercise to do.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Research has shown, one of the most common causes of lower back pain and neck pain is degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease is caused by the stress and continuous movement of the spine.

Due to the spinal discs wearing down, the spine can become weak, thus creating low back pain. Physiotherapy will help the patient strengthen their lower back, neck, and core muscles which will reduce pain.

Treatments that we offer that may help those suffering with degenerative disc disease are massages, manual therapy, and home exercise to help get strength back into these muscles.

Poor Posture

Neck, shoulder, and lower back pain can all be caused due to poor posture. Slouching, hunching, or rounding the shoulders are all examples of poor posture.

Poor posture can be a direct impact of your job. Sitting for long periods at a desk is the most common reason for poor posture and low back pain.

Physiotherapy can help this through manual therapy, massage, or certain exercise. These treatments will help patients identify what and why something is causing them pain to be able to correct it.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This chronic condition can cause swelling, stiffness, and pain in the joints. While those with this condition experience different severities, it is important to keep on top of pain and self management.

Physiotherapy may help maintain flexibility and movement in the joints. This is done through treatments such as massage, manual therapy, or home exercise. Our physiotherapists can also shed some light on anti inflammatory diets that have helped patients in the past.

Many patients have confessed to postponing their initial step to physiotherapy due to their fear of pain. However, physiotherapy is designed to help relieve pain and is a method of pain management.

In addition to helping prevent painful problems, physiotherapy will also help prevent future complications or pain. Physiotherapists will be able to notice slight warning signs that will otherwise develop into serious injuries.

Physiotherapy will help your health, but also the quality of your life. Each physiotherapy plan is unique to the patient.

When to see a doctor 

Medical GP doctor care and physiotherapy are mutually exclusive. Just because someone is under a medical doctor’s care, that doesn’t mean they cannot attend physiotherapy.

In fact, the two are complimentary to each other. Both doctors and physiotherapists are full of medical advice. The only difference in this medical advice is that doctors can prescribe and perform certain procedures that physiotherapists cannot. Yet, while you can receive pain killers, muscle relaxants, anti inflammatory drugs, and x rays from the doctor, patients should still be maintaining their self-care and pain management.

However, it is important to receive the correct health care. If one of our physiotherapists believes you have a severe injury, they will refer you to a medical practice or doctor for an x ray.

Furthermore, if a patient is experiencing ‘Red Flag’ symptoms, a trip to the doctors will be advised. Unexplained weight loss is another symptoms to look out for as weight loss could be the start of something more serious. These symptoms will be discussed with our team and the correct referral will be given.

There are risk factors to consider with physiotherapy. The most common side effects of our treatment is slight pain or aching from where we have worked the muscles. However, SP Physiotherapy will always listen to the guidance of your doctor to keep these risk factors to a minimum.

The last thing we want is to make your pain worse. SP Physiotherapy will always put your health first and always provide accurate health information.



“Highly professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Would definitely recommend.”

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“Lovely girl and very knowledgeable would highly recommend.”

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